Client Interview Moritz

Name: Moritz Eiler

Age: 22

Nationality: German

Location in China:Beijing

1.      How did Mandarinclick help you?

I am majoring English in Germany and want to become an ESL-teacher. To gain hands-on experience I decided going to teach in China for 6 months. However, finding a solid position in China is not easy when being abroad. My friend recommended to contact Mandarinclick for help. They have arranged me a teaching job at one of the top educational firms in Beijing. Furthermore, they have helped me with my visa and arranged me a 24 hours available contact person. This person (thank you Terri!!) helped me with so many things: explaining taxi-drivers were to go, explaining me cultural differences between Chinese and Western students, settling a separate visa for a Thailand trip, and so on!

2.      Could you describe your job/internship position?

I was arranged a teaching/consulting job in central Beijing. My classes dealt with TOEFL, IELTS and SAT preparation. My students were around 16 years old and their English level was quite decent. The consulting part of my internship consisted of helping students find their suitable study destination abroad and assist with their application processes.

3.      Why did you decide to start your career in China?

I had never been to Asia and it has always been a big dream to go there. And now was the ideal time for me to go: I am still studying but was allowed to do an internship for one semester.

4.      Could you describe your opinion on living in China? What do you like/dislike?

The people here are extremely friendly and China is very safe. Furthermore, there are a lot of things to do in and around Beijing. I have visited most of the hotspots (i.e. Summer Palace, Great Wall, Forbidden City) and liked riding my bike through the Hutongs (Alley ways). I also joined a football club right in the beginning of my internship, so I immediately made many foreign friends. What do I dislike about China? I dislike I had to go back to Germany!

5.      How do you spend your free time in China?

I joined a foreigner football club in Beijing. The foreign community has around 15 different football teams that compete with each other in a league. I trained one evening per week and played a match every weekend. Furthermore, I liked riding my bike through the traditional Beijing Hutongs.  

6.      What are the main differences between working in your own country and working in China?

In general, Germans have a more accurate planning for their work. In China, work activities are more chaotic. A main difference between Chinese students and German students is that the Chinese are more quiet during class. In Germany, students like to participate in class discussions and ask a lot of questions. Especially in the beginning, Chinese students are hesitant to interrupt class.

7.      Do you like working in China? Would you consider a long term career here?

I would like to work in China for a couple of years, but eventually go somewhere else. It is tremendously interesting to work with Chinese students, but life in China is too chaotic for me to live here permanently. However, I am sure I will be back in China regularly. I miss the people and the food already!

8.      Do you have some tips for foreigners coming to China?

Make sure you have some foreign and some English speaking contact persons. They can help you finding your way in China.

9.      What is your opinion on Mandarinclick’s services?

They have arranged me the internship that I wanted within two weeks. I have been emailing and Skyping them like crazy before I came about visa issues, housing, and other concerns that I had. They were always patient, quick to reply and clearly have a lot of experience. What I really liked is that they provided me with a contact person. Especially in the beginning, I needed a lot of help with everyday matters. In short, I am very satisfied with how they work.

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