Client Interview Talat Gupta

Name: Talat Gupta

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Nationality: Indian

Location in China: Beijing

1.   How did Mandarinclick help you?

At first I totally lost my mind. I couldn’t speak Mandarin, and I knew nothing about the Chinese market. Mandarinclick provided me with a Chinese language course and helped me find an internship opportunity that met all my requirements.

2. Could you describe your job/internship position?

My major was Software Engineering in both undergraduate and graduate school, so I asked Mandarinclick to find a job related to IT. My work was quite basic in the beginning, but now I am project manager.

3. Why did you decide to start your career in China?

I never went abroad until I came to China for an exchange program 3 years ago. I was always fascinated by Chinese culture. It is the curiosity that drove me to decide to work in China. I wanted to experience the differences between India and China, two eastern countries with a huge population.

4. Could you describe your opinion on living in China? What do you like/dislike?

The rush hour is terrible. I travel during the rush hours and then it is very crowded. At first I always took the subway, but now I have an e-bike.

 5. How do you spend your free time in China?

Usually we go out for a drink after work, or go hiking at Xiangshan. Sometimes colleagues invite me to their home and cook for me. Life in Beijing could never get boring.

6.  What are the main differences between working in your own country and working in China?

I only did one-month internship in India, so I have no deep impression about working in India. But one striking difference is that the efficiency in India is lower than in China. And in China, like in our company, my colleagues never go home before they finish their work. Perhaps it’s because they are required to do so, but in India, no one requires you to work overtime a lot.

7.  Do you like working in China? Would you consider a long term career here?

Yes, I like working in China very much. Especially since the relationship between China and India is better and better. I feel welcome working here. To be honest, I am considering marrying a Chinese girl and spend the rest of my life here.

8. Do you have some tips for foreigners coming to China?

For me, nothing is more useful than Chinese. If you know some basic Chinese, it would definitely be an advantage. Not all Chinese people can speak English, and you cannot bring your friend to translate for you all the time. You can learn the most useful and convenient Chinese that you can use them when you are out for shopping or taking a taxi. I have decided to combine my internship with a Mandarinclick language course, and it definitely helped.

9. What is your opinion on Mandarinclick’s services?

They are professional. They did not only help me find job position, but also helped me with your life and work in China. I came to them whenever I had problems, and they are always patient.

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