Fashion APP (app version of a well-known fashion media) Needs IT Interns and Editor Interns

An app developer needs interns to maintain and improve an app for one of the major fashion companies (Offices are in Beijing and Shanghai). This interactive app enables clients not only to select and buy clothing, but also allows them to see how the fashion items fit on their body. Furthermore, the app contains the latest fashion news and new fashion products. This internship is salary-based. (Internship, Beijng&Shanghai, China)

Requirements for the editor interns
-      Passion for fashion;
-      Excellent English skills (Chinese skills are a +, but not a prerequisite);

-      Excellent creative writing skills.

Requirements for IT-interns
-      Extensive knowledge about APPs;
-      IT-related background;

-      Excellent English skills .

If you are interested in one of the internship positions, please send your resume to . We will arrange an interview ASAP.

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