Mandarinclick Client Interview-- Hugo


Name: Hugo Alberto Luna Garza

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Nationality: Mexico

Location in China:Beijing


1.How did Mandarinclick help you?

Mandarin Click helped me to find an internship position in Beijing after my graduation from my master degree in economics with the potential opportunity to be able to have a full time work contract.


2.Could you describe your job/internship position?

I currently work in a consulting company and my job positions tasks include attracting customers that would like to develop their business operations in China as well as we are setting up innovating marketing strategies to eventually expand our company into the logistics sector.


3.Why did you decide to start your career in China?

China offers a great variety of opportunities for foreigners in different areas, but also China offers the opportunity to develop your studies or career within an international or global environment and allows you to get in touch with different cultures and languages.


4.Could you describe your opinion on living in China? What do you like/dislike?

The city of Beijing in China offers a very colourful and multicultural environment, I have met people from all over the world and certainly Beijing offers plenty of tourist attractions that can be visited at any time during the year, the only limitation that I had in the past while living in China was the fact that I could not speak Chinese language fluently, nevertheless by taking intensive language lessons I have been able to confront this problem quite quickly.


5.How do you spend your free time in China?

Whenever I have free time after work I try to go out and explore the city as much as I can, visiting tourist attractions, also i enjoy my time by playing soccer, mahjiang, ping pong with foreign and Chinese friends, as well as I try to practice Chinese language as much as possible with all of them.


6.What are the main differences between working in your own country and working in China?

Working in China offers the chance to be working in an international environment and put into practice all the concepts and strategies that I have learnt during my international business major and my economics master degree into a global perspective, while in my home country this practice would be limited since trade is much more oriented towards Latin America.


7.Do you like working in China? Would you consider a long term career here?

Working in China offers different choices for foreigners in order to develop a professional business career, hence I believe it is a suitable place for foreigners with ambitious goals


8.Do you have some tips for foreigners coming to China?

It is very important for foreigners to try to develop their Chinese language proficiency as much as possible previous to come to study or work in China or very intensively if they decide to arrive to China with limited proficiency. It is possible to choose to study or work in China using English, however in daily life out of work, Chinese language is almost exclusively used.


9.What is your opinion on Mandarinclicks services?

Using the services from mandarin click was the best way that I could find work effectively after graduating from my master degree in Beijing. After having sent hundreds of resumes to many local and foreign enterprises and getting no response at all, I realized that sending random resumes was not the right way to find a job in China. Mandarin Click helped me find a suitable job in less than 1 month, I feel very satisfied with my current job position, specially in the company where I work there is plenty of potential to develop a business career with a promising future

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