Mandarinclick Client Interview--- Christela


Mandarinclick Client Interview


Name: Christela

Gender: female

Age: 23

Nationality: Indonesia

Location in China:Beijing


1.How did Mandarinclick help you? Really helpful, i got my first interview invitation in 3 days, and right after each interview I was asked for feedback.


2.Could you describe your job/internship position? I’m currently working in an exhibition company (MICE Industry) in the strategic business department.


3.Why did you decide to start your career in China? As a developing country China has a lot of job opportunities and great career prospect for foreigners.


4.Could you describe your opinion on living in China? What do you like/dislike? I like how convenient and relatively cheap the public transports are here, particularly in Beijing, as well as the food and entertainment places. The only thing I dislike is how some local Chinese are rude to others.


5.How do you spend your free time in China? Since I’m working on weekdays, I like to spend my weekends at home, resting, and occasionally go out with some friends to the movies, dinner, or recreational places around Beijing.


6.What are the main differences between working in your own country and working in China? First, the wages. Wages for fresh graduates are relatively low, and public transports in my country are not as convenient as in China. Second, In Indonesia people wear formal clothes to their offices


7.Do you like working in China? Would you consider a long term career here? Yes, I’m planning to stay in China for at least 2 years.


8.Do you have some tips for foreigners coming to China? If you want to work in China, being able to speak Chinese and understanding Chinese culture is an advantage. Even if it is an Englishenvironment company, you will still be needing Chinese.


9.What is your opinion on Mandarinclick’s services? Excellent. I would love to recommend Mandarinclick to my friends


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