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Mandarinclick's Volunteer Program Report




Mandarinclick´s Terri Han has successfully organized charity activities in cooperation with Angel´s Home. Angel´s home is an orphanage that provides food and shelter for orphans with various kinds of medical problems. If you are interested in participating in mandarinclick’s volunteer activities, or need help with your own project, you are welcome to drop an email to We want to thank all the volunteers that have participated in the two events that took place in May. You are awesome!

Below you can read Terri´s report about her experiences in the orphanage. Also, feedback of volunteers is included

 Our first volunteer activity took place in terrible weather. It was cold, cloudy and rain threatened on the horizon. At that moment, I was afraid nobody would show up! However, the entire team showed up on time. I felt so happy!!

 This was my first volunteering project for Mandarinclick, so I was very nervous, but all the team members were very friendly. When we stepped in the children’s activity room, the children were concentrating on a TV program which made us feel a little awkward. At the same time, some teammates were worried about the language barrier, since all the children in the room were speaking mandarin.

 After being in the room for a while, a boy gave us a smile. This boy comforted us and expressed his welcome to us. A girl from our team smiled to him as well. At that moment, the ice was broken! The children showed their curiosity to us, held out their small hands, and invited us to join their game.

 I came to a boy’s side who was isolated from the other children and sat on the ground. I just wanted to say “hi “ to him, but he suddenly grabbed my arm and hugged me tightly. One of their teachers told me that little boy is suffering of cerebral palsy. This disease prevents the boy from standing, walking and speaking, but he was very smart and willing to play with others. In two hours, I was holding him before we left.

 I realised that sometimes the children do not only require food, toys, and treatment but also love. The language is not a problem. Children could understand our teammates even though they couldn’t speak their language.

 During the second activity, 10 days later, I was less nervous. Again the team members were so nice. Luckily, the weather was better this time, so we played with the children in the yard. The team members and the children had so much fun with each other. I felt very proud and sad at the same time. I was proud because the team had given the children a wonderful experience. And a bit sad because these children do not have an easy live. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all team members for helping out!

 The feedback from our volunteers:

 It meant a lot to me to do at last something genuine. While focused on these children , i felt all the barriers between us fall away. For the first time since my arrival , no more language barrier just the universal language of the tenderness : What a powerful exchange. 

They sowed hope in my heart and humbleness in my mind. 

But even so , on the way back i had this strange feeling it was not enought , not enought time, not enought care. I would like to give more and share more but i also know that only goodwill matters. And i am full of willingness because i have the feeling they have much to teach me.   ---Nora, France

 It was really an incredible experience!!   --- Steffen, Dutch,

 I really enjoyed playing with the kids and getting to know them. The staff were all very friendly and helpful, and helped make the morning great.  ---- Toluse, Ireland

 I went to Angels Home orphanage the past Sunday May 10th. He place is nice and clean and you can see that the people who take care of the kids really care about them and enjoy it. The kids are very cute and polite, and you can even see the interest in learning new stuff in the bigger ones- one of them was asking my friend how to say a lot of words in English! They enjoy playing and singing, even though some of them have problems, you can see that they are being raised on the correct way to make them happy. I really enjoyed this experience and I am sure I will repeat soon!  --Patricia, Spain

I want to go every week at least one time per week. ---- Alberto, Spain

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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