Driver's License

The only legal way for foreigners in china to drive motorized vehicles is by obtaining a Chinese Driver’s License. This process can take up a lot of time and money: you would have to visit the Embassy, Official Notary Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Health Clinic etc, etc. Mandarinclick can speed and simplify the process you would have to go through; all we need is:

1.   Your Chinese name

2.   Your height (cm)

3.  Copy of passport

4.  Copy of valid visa

5.  Copy of the foreign driver’s license (if owned)

6.  Copy of the last entry stamp

7.  Pass photos

Due to our expertise, we can offer a driver’s license for a competitive price in a short time. We will provide you with the material you need to study in order to pass the theory exam and guide you through the entire process. On average it takes us 10-20 days to get you a perfectly legal driver’s license. For the details and exact price of our services, do not hesitate to call us or to send us an email.

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