Feedback from an Intern in a Real-Estate Company

                Name: Alessandro

            Nationality: Italian

            Applied for: Intern in a Real-Estate Company

When we asked Alessandro, one of our interns, to answer the question why he wanted to come to China for an internship, he said it was because he missed the country deeply. Then we got to know that he had stayed in China for half year as an exchange student in 2011 learning Mandarin, which he currently speaks fluently.

Alessandro says that China is changing speedily. In the fast-paced capital he did not only see pressure but also opportunities. From the internship he wishes to gain many different kinds of working experience and also improve his Chinese.

The greatest part is that I work for a company as a full time intern currently, and they provide me with two types of occupations – Real-Estate marketing and an online language tutoring” says Alessandro, “In this way, I can obtain experiences from two different fields within one internship.”

Alessandro kindly complimented the Mandarinclick staff to be awesome, warm, nice and professional. For Alessandro, it was one of the biggest draws for choosing the company, competitive program fee aside.

I will definitely recommend Mandarinclick for its worthy service, which helped me to start my career in China.”

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