Feedback from an intern in a PR Company

Name: Samantha Wilson

Nationality: USA

Applied for:Intern in a PR company

I am 100% satisfied with Mandarinclick’s services. Their services go far beyond match-making.

 I did not know anything about Chinese cultural habits; I did not know more than 3 Chinese words; I did not know what I would get myself into. To make things worse, my plane landed 5 hours later than planned- my cab driver was sound asleep, the subways were closed and I didn’t know what to do: TOTAL PANIC. I decided to call Mandarinclick’s project manager and ask him for help. Although he was sound asleep the first 10 rings, the 11th woke him up thoroughly. He immediately took away my concerns and arranged me a pickup. THANK YOU BERT!!  The (PR company) internship was great and I LOVED my apartment. The staff members of Mandarinclick have been helpful from day one and were always quick to respond when in need. 

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