Feedback from an Intern in a Tourist Firm

Name:Natalia Saprykina

Nationality: Russia

Applied for:Intern in a Tourist Firm

I am from Russia and I study Chinese Language and Culture in Beijing. The reason for my contact with this company was that my own search attempts did not lead to any satisfying internship positions. I found out that Mandarinclick has a huge network in China and has positions in any field imaginable. As for me, I have a broad interest, so I told Mandarinclick that I would be open to consider any position. Mandarinclick immediately told me that I should not be happy with anything less than a dream position. Then I browsed their vacancy list on the website and found 5 positions that deserved my interest; an NGO dealing with migrant workers, a cultural workshop, and 3 tourist firms. After having gained more information about the positions/companies, I decided that the tourist firms would be the most interesting for me. Mandarinclick almost immediately arranged face to face interviews and within 10 days I had my desired internship. Mandarinclick is recommendable to any person that wants to obtain a career in China: they have a vast network, and they are fast, friendly and professional.

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