Feedback from an Intern in the Gaming Industry

Name: Christof Zimmermann


Applied for: Intern in the Gaming Industry

MC has found me an internship in the gaming industry. I contacted MC because I did not have a lot of time to search by myself. Additionally, I did not receive a reply from the companies that I wrote. MC offered me positions in several fields of gaming: graphic design, content writing, and sales. I choose a position dealing with graphic design, because it suited my study program, and because this company was ambitious and German-owned. MC also arranged my housing during the first month I was in Beijing. After this month, I had found an apartment by myself. MC was open to any suggestion that I made (for example how they dealt with my housing was flexible and generous). My internship was great and I am already invited to continue my working activities for this company as soon as I have finished my major. Thank you MC; we will see us in the future!

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