Feedback from an Intern in a Chinese-American Sourcing Company

Name:Francois Roux

Nationality: France

Applied for: Intern in a Chinese-American Sourcing Company

When I was searching for an internship in China, my friend recommended me to contact Mandarinclick. My major was Chinese Language and Culture and I was required to do an internship as part of my major. I wanted to obtain an internship concerning international trade. Mandarinclick therefore connected me with a Chinese-American sourcing company operating from Beijing. Conveniently enough, I had to do the job interview via Skype, as I was still in France. The interview (the first one MC offered me) was an immediate success. I got to do an ambitious internship, earning a more than decent salary. Mandarinclick assisted me in the visa-procedure and also granted me access to their many events and match-making activities. They are effective, friendly, and sincere!


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