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Mid-Autumn Festival Party




Mid-Autumn Festival Party

Topeliteclub  & Mandarinclick Present

This party is not only held for the celebration of Mid-autumn festival, but also to provide a social, business and cultural platform for all elites in Beijing. This is one of Beijing’s top social events, which has great influence in all important social circles.  


For example, there will be executives from World Fortune 500 companies and elites from PR, IT, advertisement, TV, social media, finance, investment, and real estate.

Additionally, there will be entrepreneurs, alumni from key universities, MBA managers, and overseas returnees.

Time:          Saturday, September 6, 2014, 7:00pm to 11:00pm  

Venue:        Hilton Hotel, Zeta Bar

                    No.1 Dongfang Road, Chaoyang District

Type of event:   Party

Number of people: 300

Dressing code:  full dress

Open bar & Buffet

Food: Sushi, Biscuits, Snacks, Fruits

Drinks: Cocktails, Candy Love, Blue Coral, Green Strawhat, Red Wine, Vodka, Rum Coca, Beer, Orange Juice, Kiwi Fruit Juice, Coca-Cola, Mineral Water

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