Mandarinclick Business Incubation Program

Mandarinclick Business Incubation Program


Mandarinclick Business Incubation Program has brought many ideas (ideas to development and testing to fledgling companies) and start-up companies forward. MC Business Incubation Program is charged with accelerating the successful establishment and development of entrepreneurial companies. The program provides office space and an array of supporting resources and services through relationships with various companies, corporations, government and industries. Your space and services from us can flex with your needs as they change. Many incubator tenants have progressed into larger spaces before eventually establishing themselves in other locations.


The formal incubation process takes place through a series of strategic and tactical working sessions. These sessions are designed to help define your company’s business, market and capital strategies to develop the solid foundation that an emerging enterprise needs to continue to grow and adapt to shifting market demands. We provide mentoring, specialized equipment and instrumentation – supportive services necessary to business development. In addition, MC Business Incubation Program serves as an exchange point between you ( the inventor or start-up) with those larger companies and funding mechanisms that can see and share the potential in your project.


What do we offer entrepreneurs?


MC Business Incubation Program provides numerous benefits to owners of start-up businesses. Their office and manufacturing space is offered at below-market rates, and their staff supplies advice and much-needed expertise in developing business and marketing plans as well as helping to fund fledgling businesses.


• Office space and facilities


During the incubation period, incubatees will be able to enjoy ready-to-use office space with low-price and shared facilities. Our incubator park is located in Zhongguancun, Haidian District and CBD, which are both renowned industrial parks in Beijing.


• Customized business support


We assist incubatees to source funding and build up strategic partnerships by organizing matchmaking events and other supports;

Business plan consultation;

Matching events for incubatees, technology partners and product distributors and potential investors;

Advice in the preparation of business plan for potential investors;

Advice on funding strategy.


• Start-up management assistance


Mandarinclick has set up panels of Legal / IP and Accounting firms to facilitate partner companies and incubatees to gain access to these professional services, including access to a dedicated professional panel with consultation on financial, tax, legal and capital raising matters. Mostly the assistance includes:

Registration at Ministry of Business Administrative Department;

Legal advice on taxation and template document package for new companies;

Legal protection on Intellectual Property Protection;

Consultation on tax credit and contribution project administration.


• Training & Seminars

To encourage and promote innovation-based entrepreneurship, salons, dinner parties, seminars regarding relevant industries will be held every month.


• Networking connections

We have a leading and growing network of high-profile entrepreneurs and investors for our start-ups to use. Getting advice from experienced and successful entrepreneurs is critical to the success of start-up companies. The incubator program provides advice from mentors during critical stages of your growth.


• Promotion and development assistance

Numerous business collaboration opportunities and local and international publicity planning and support are provided. MC Business Incubation Program will provide you with sufficient access to advertising and promoting in all industries including our cooperative media and Internet partners.


• Investment & Financing support

Capital raising may be difficult for start-ups during their vulnerable inception and early growth stages. Consequently, to help technology entrepreneurs secure funding from angel investors or venture capitalists, MC Business Incubation Program offers free investment support service, connecting you to angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate ventures.


How to apply?


The incubation process includes pre-designed stages that ensure your company develops the core business strengths needed to succeed in your market.


Ø  Be prepared to submit a fleshed-out business plan and supporting documents.

Ø  The plan will be reviewed by a screening committee to determine whether or not you meet the criteria for admission.

Ø  Shortlisted applicants will be invited to make a presentation to the committee.

Ø  After approval is communicated and accepted, new client and director establish short- and long-term goals for relationship.

Ø  Incubatee moves into incubator.

Ø  Launch takes place when a client has achieved a level of financial and corporate growth that enables them to leave the incubator and enter the second stage of corporate development.


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