Feedback from an Intern in Fashion Industry



      Name: Ayala(Кунафина)

      Nationality: Kazakhstan

      Applied for: Intern in Fashion Industry

When Ayala introduced herself, it was immediately clear that she was eager to become successful in China. We got to know her as a career woman with a sparkling personality. After a period of seeking an internship position without result, she decided to approach Mandarinclick for help.
She indicated that her favorite field of occupation was fashion. Consequently, Mandarinclick has recommended her to several dominant fashion companies in China and arranged her a range of orientational interviews. After she had opted for an internship that suited her needs, she tackled every assignment with dedication and a smile.

" China is a fast delveloping player in the world economy. It gives people the chance to develop quickly in various fields of work. One of the reasons why I came to China, is that it would give me a competitive advantage for my further career. Furthermore, I saw it as a nice opportunity to expand my cultural knowledge about China and to develop my Chinese language skills.
Mandarinclick has a huge network in China and offers numerous internship positions. After I had expressed my interest in their services, they have translated my resume in Chinese and started recommending me to companies immediately. After having considered several internship options, I have secured a dream position as a fashion consultant in Shanghai.  Can I recommend Mandarinclick to others? Yes, definitely! "

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