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Project Manager of Mandarinclick Gave a Presentation for NAHSS




NAHSS (Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School) is an initiative of the Chinese and Dutch government, and is supported by many multinationals. The aim of the program is to recruit Holland’s finest students and to have them execute projects for Chinese (international) corporations. 

Bert Husson, representative and project manager of Mandarinclick, was honored to be invited to share his experience in China to participants of NAHSS. His presentation has attracted the audience and inspired the Dutch students with practical advice on how to do business in China. Additionally, he was asked to become part of a panel that operates to discuss on how the cooperation between the Dutch and Chinese can be improved and expanded.

Mandarinclick helps foreigners all over the world with becoming successful in China. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with finding a suitable internship or job position.
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