Intern in an International Headhunting Company

Description: The company has branches in most main cities in and out of China. Its high-end talent pool accepts more than 1 million elites in every field, making the company one of the biggest backstage driving force for elites’ job-hopping. The company also uses IT technology to build a more efficient and impartial headhunting system. (Internship, Beijing, China)

Location: Guomao, Beijing

Position: Intern

Salary: 3000~5000RMB during internship, high possibility to be hired as employee



1.     Being familiar with situation of Chinese job market;

2.     Ability to work with a team and independently as well;

3.     Friendly personality;

4.     Anticipates customer needs and offers innovative solutions;

5.     Enjoy meeting and interacting with customers; demonstrates an energetic and positive attitude.

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