Intern in a Social Work Office

Description: The social work office’s main service includes social work service, community social organization development, community public welfare, social salvage, volunteer service, etc. They offer the organizations who are in need of high-quality social work service. (Internship, Beijing, China)

Location: Shunyi District, Beijing

Position: Intern

Salary: 3000~5000RMB during internship, high possibility to be hired as employee



1.     Formulating varies of work plan, and assisting with execution;

2.     Project researching and analyzing;

3.     Contact with cooperating organizations and medias;

4.     Tracking advanced social work ideals and project operation techniques , collecting and analyzing cases regarding social work and making comparison with other organizations, adjusting the operation strategy with trends.



1. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within social work,

  experiences in this field will be a plus;

2. At least a Bachelor's degree

3. Strong capability of formulating the reports and organizing an event;

4. Be conscientious and team-player;

5. Proficient with Windows office applications (Word/Excel/PowerPoint);

6. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

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