Feedback from an Intern in a Consultancy Firm


    Name: Federico B

    Nationality: Italian

    Applied for: Marketing intern in a consultant firm

We got to know Federico as an incredibly ambitious student, who wanted to obtain an internship in China. He was quite new to the country, and therefore requested Mandarinclick to help him in achieving his goals. When he came here, he already spoke basic Mandarin and was eager to learn about the distinguished Chinese business culture.

Next to business matchmaking, some of the services we have provided to him were adapting his resume to the Chinese standards and translating it into Chinese. Furthermore, he was provided with interview instructions, and Mandarinclick has communicated Federico’s strengths with the internship company in question.  We have given him 5 internship options, from which he choose the one that suited him the most.
He decided to change his internship (at a well-known consultancy firm) into a fulltime job. At the moment he is a stable force in his company, being the assistant of the general manager. Underneath, you can read his testimonial.

“ I moved to Beijing two years ago to pursue a MA in Economics and study Chinese. After my graduation I started looking for a job confident of my background, but months went by and I had sent thousands of emails with little success. Mandarinclick helped me to start my career in China: after a couple of weeks and different interviews I finally picked the position I liked the most. The service offered was perfectly tailor-made on me: after the definition of my profile and area of interests Mandarinclick was able to offer me several opportunities suited to my CV and taste until I was happy with it!

I recommend you Mandarinclick, its services are really worthy. ”

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