Mandarinclick Volunteer Program Ambassador

²  About us:

Mandarinclick is devoted to offering a platform for volunteers from all over the world. We provide volunteers with opportunities both in China and overseas. Now we invite those who are interested in our volunteer program to join us as ambassadors. We welcome you to make this world a better place.


²  You can benefit from us with:

Ø  a chance to meet people from all over the world;

Ø  a treasurable and precious experience;

Ø  an opportunity to diffusing culture of your country;

Ø  better understanding of China;

Ø  a title of “Ambassador of Mandarinclick Volunteer Program” and a certification


²  If you are:

Ø  compassionate and appealing;

Ø  possessing good communication skills;

Ø  enthusiastic and friendly personality;

Ø  good health condition;

Ø  at least having a bachelor degree in process or acquired,


²  please do not hesitate to contact us by the following methods:

Ø  Email:

Ø  Phone Number: 86-01065515891

Ø  Website:

to mail us