Revitalize Sichuan

Projectvolunteer in animal protection and post-earthquake reconstruction

Tasks: basic work in Panda Breeding and Research Base; helping victims of earthquake reconstruct houses and infrastructures

General Requirements:

1 Compassionate and sympathetic;

2 Friendly personality;

3 Enjoy communicating and interacting with people;

4 Public spirited;

5 Good health condition;

6 Communicative Chinese is a plus.

Why Sichuan?

Sichuan is one of the most suitable habitats for the national treasure of ChinaGiant Panda. There are no more than 1,600 wild Giant Pandas in the world nowadays, Chinese government has invested much in protecting the species. People from all over the world come to China and get involved in Giant Panda protecting programs. Why don’t you join them and enjoy being attracted by Giant Panda.

Since the catastrophe traced back to 12nd May in the year of 2008, Sichuan province has encountered greater difficulties than ever. Although the local people have moved into new houses, it appears that they have backed to normal life, in some areas, people are still suffering from homelessness and shortage of food and goods.

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