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Seminar: How to Start a Business in China as a Foreigner






Time: 2:00 p.m. 08/06/2014 (Sunday)

Venue: A café

City: Beijing



Are you fascinated by the Investment Policy of Chinese government and keen to start your career in China? Are you lured by the lust of burgeoning Chinese market and dreaming of your own business? If you are one of those persons with bravery, if you have a business mind and if you are willing to take risks, you are highly recommended to this seminar. We offer you a good opportunity to help you settle your uncertainness as usual.


This time, we invite Leo Yan, founder of an international luxury service franchise group to share his experience and thoughts. Leo experienced collision of cultures, started his own business in China absorbed with Chinese traditional and western neoteric idea. He will give a lecture about the following topics:

·  What industries should I focus on when selecting to start my own business in China?

·  Should I find a business partner? If yes, what kind of partner is most helpful?

·  If I have chosen a good project and team, what should I do next if I do not have sufficient money to initiate my 



If you are interested in our seminar, please do not hesitate to make reservation, you can come to the seminar only with our confirmation.

Please send email to, 
or call (010) 85728819.


We organized the seminar on 8th June (Sunday) at a cafe. 

The speaker gave a wonderful speech about how to start a business in China according to his rich experience in setting up new business in China and shared his personal cases as back of his information.

The participants have been aware of that different minds and ways should be used in order to develop Chinese market. 

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