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Seminar on Chinese Dream





Time: 3:00pm 2014-3-8

Venue: A cafe

City/Town: Beijing

Do you think the Chinese are having dreams? What is Chinese dream in your eyes? What are your dreams to be realized in China?

The idea of the Chinese Dream, the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation, was first presented by Chinese president Xi Jinping in 2013. He has stated that young people should ‘dare to dream, wore assiduously to fulfill the dreams and contribute to the revitalization of the nation’.

In this seminar, the speaker, who is a journalist with rich experience in studying Chinese philosophy and policies, will share his understanding of the Chinese dream.

Chinese dream is a broader philosophy of achieving individual happiness and success as well as goal of national progress, prosperity and peace. It relates to aspiration of individual Chinese citizen, decent living standards even the universal harmony. In future, Chinese dream would create reconciliation between man and nature and help the rift between logic and spirituality, it would be harmony between the pursuit of material wealth and the good life, between natural science and humanism.

You are welcome to join us and share your opinions and your dreams.

To make reservation, please send email to, or call (010) 85728819. You can come to this activity only with our confirmation.

Mandarinclick held a Seminar on Chinese Dream on 8th March 2014.

The definition, significance and benefits of Chinese dream were introduced and discussed.

Young professionals and scholars from various nationalities attended the seminar and shared their understanding of Chinese dream with the presenter. 

The presenter compared the Chinese dream with American dream and European dream. 

Participants acquired good understanding of Chinese dream. 

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