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Seminar on New Media




Seminar on New Media

Time: 6:30pm 2014-2-28

Location: Royal Smushi House, No. 12 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District

City/Town: Beijing

Young Professional Seminar - New Media in China

As we move towards the age of bigger and more complex data, customers want access to data and content anytime, anywhere and on any digital device, something traditional media cannot deliver. All kinds of new media are flourishing. But what are the new media innovations and in what ways will they change and influence our lives?

Mandarinclick, together with German Chamber of Commerce will hold a seminar on recent new media developments and their applications. The speaker, who is very experienced in new media, will give you an excellent introduction. There will also be free discussion for you to share your own points of view.

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Mandarinclick holds a seminar on New Media on Feb 28th 2014. Recent development of new media, major branches of new media and its impact on traditional media were introduced and discussed. Young professionals from German Chamber of Commerce, as well as young entrepreneurs form different countries attended the seminar and had discussion. Participants shared their own understanding and experience with new media. They acquired professional guidance of using new media in their life and career.


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