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Seminar on new media




Seminar on New Media

Time: 3pm 2014-2-05

Location: Mandarinclick, Jiahui International Center, Chao Yang Men Wai St.,Beijing

City/Town: Beijing





As we move towards the age of bigger and more complex data, customers wantaccess to data and content anytime, anywhere and on any digital device, something traditional media cannot deliver. All kinds of new media are flourishing. But what is new media and in what ways will it change and influence our lives?

One thing we can be certain of is that the influence of new media will be huge and it will be profound.It is crucial to obtain an understanding of new media, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

Most technologies described as new media are digital, often having characteristics of being manipulated, networkable, dense, compressible and interactive.

Some of the advantages of new media include:

- helping you to connect with your customers anytime and anywhere;

- making your advertising more efficient;

- allowing you to deliver large amounts of data and information in a compressed format; and

- arranging the words, pictures and videos into multi-dimensional patterns.

There are many more advantages and benefits to new media.So come along to our seminar, participate in the discussions and find out more!


Seminar topics include:

- What is new media?

- Current situation of new media in society.

- Recent development of new media.

- Major branch of new media.

- Impact on traditional media.

- What can we do with new media?

The Seminar will include practical examples of the use of new media.There will be opportunities for open discussionon each of the topic areas, and wewill answer any queries or questionsyou may have.

Seminar Target

Deliver a comprehensive seminar, led by successful entrepreneurs ready to share their knowledge and understanding of new media, whilst giving practical examples of the use of new media.

Foreigners who want to have a clear idea about the concept and usage of new media, study and live in China
To make reservation, please send email to, 
or call (010) 85728819. You can come to the seminar only with our confirmation.

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