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Are you interested in the ancient Chinese Art of Business?  Do you want to understand how the synthesis of traditional Chinese culture and modern business theory can expand your business?  Are you stunned by the success experienced by experts who have applied Sun Tzu's “Art of War” and Confucian precepts in Asian financial markets?

The Chinese economy is one of the fastest growing in the world; amidst that growth the Chinese markets are experiencing violent upheavals.  Everyone from local enterprises and individual investors to multinational companies and all sectors of the Chinese government are seeking a slice of the pie.  How can you guarantee you will  benefit without a deep understanding of Chinese markets as well as the Chinese entrepreneurs driving this juggernaut?

Mandarinclick (MC) only employs the most experienced entrepreneurs, professional financial advisors and executive managers. They will help you navigate the increasingly complicated financial terrain and handle the severe challenges of operating in such a turbulent environment. Furthermore, they will offer case studies demonstrating the acumen of ancient Chinese businessmen; analysing their successes, their experience, their talents and techniques.  Our teachers will not only demonstrate the skills of the ancient Chinese but also, more importantly, improve your understanding of the modern Chinese ways of thinking and doing business.

With this comprehensive knowledge of Chinese markets and Chinese entrepreneurs you will be able to combine the ideologies of ancient Chinese philosophy and the practices of modern Chinese with familiar western concepts of management and business  and market development.

Mandarinclick is the most effective way to establish a powerful position in the extremely competitive and potentially immensely lucrative Chinese market.

Here you can see some of our business courses:

                                                       Elemental level

Office Culture in China: Guanxi (关系)

Chinese ancient civilization(国学) and Modern Business Etiquette

Confucianism(儒家) and Enterprising

Taoism(道家) and The Doctrine of Mean (中庸) in Modern Business Management

Chinese Ancient Reform and Creativity in Modern Business

Guideline of Silk Road(丝绸之路): Economic Cooperation

Philosophical wisdom of Chinese Medicine(中医): How to keep a balance between work and life?

                                                       Advanced level

The book of Change(易经) and Chinese fengshui: How to choose the location of the company?

Wisdom of The book of Change(易经) and Business Management

Leadership art of President Mao and Modern Management

Standards for Being a Good Student and Child (Dizi Gui,弟子规): How to apply Dizi Gui to nurture the best employees?

Master Sun's Art of War(孙子兵法): Business is like a battle.

Emperor Liubang and his employing art

Regimen of Taoism(道家): How to keep healthy and maintain peace?

Learning from the Hui Merchants(徽商): How to start-up your business?

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