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Reading Salon with Madarinclick




Life in Beijing and “Rickshaw boy”


Time: 23-01-2014 19:00

Place: Mandarinclick



What are your feelings about Beijing? 


Do you see Beijing as your second home?


How has your life been changed whilst living in Beijing?



“Rickshaw boy” or “Camel Xiangzi” (骆驼祥子) is a book written by one of the most acclaimed Chinese writers of the twentieth century. Lao She spent 5 years living in London where he got greatly inspired by reading novels of Charles Dickens. Same as Charles Dickens, Lao She depicts lives of the poor, working class and criticizes the society which reduced him to the camel that he has become.

This novel not only represents the reluctant nihilism in Chinese literature but also shows failure of individualism. As one might say it is social realistic work the socialists of the 1930’s always wanted to write but never did.

We would like to share with you our opinions about this book and how living in Beijing has changed from the early 20th till nowadays.


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Mandarinclick held a reading salon on Laoshe’s “the Rickshaw boy”-“Luotuo  Xiangzi” on 23th Jan.

People from different countries and cultural backgrounds attended this salon.

They discussed about the themes of this book whilst sharing their own interpretations on the book. People also talked about the ideology and beliefs of the Chinese people, how people’s spiritual pursuit changes and how should we comprehend these changes.


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