Mandarinclick Internship Program


Headquarters: Beijing, China

We are Mandarinclick! Since 2012, we have been dedicated to provide foreigners in China with a smooth landing. Amongst our services are job/internship providing, visa consultancy, incubation, volunteering, language training and cultural training. With our HQ in Beijing, and representatives in Shanghai, the US, Russia, and Germany, we have served over 2500 clients. 

The Mandarinclick Team

Mandarinclick works with a team of 22 persons in total, of various nationalities and age groups: big enough to make a

difference, small enough to care! Our goal is to help students and young professionals not only to find a position, but 

also to help them understand China and Chinese business culture.

Internship Placement

We find our clients the best-suited placements with international SMEs and MNCs throughout China. Our multi-lingual staff will see to it that the China transition is smooth and problem free. Our vast network in China enables us to place any candidate in his/her favorite industry. The candidate will be provided with a range of interviews, after which the candidate can make his/her best pick. Our services are tailored towards individuals both in -and outside of China.


Replacement Guarantee


If candidates start interning, but the internship is not as good as expected, we will arrange new opportunities. The student is allowed to switch within 2 months from the beginning of the internship.

Quality assurance

We realize that, most of the time, there are 3 parties that need to be satisfied during an internship procedure: the student, the company, and the University. We are careful to listen to the needs of all parties in order to meet student desires, curriculum requirements, and company expectations.


Although Chinese cities are relatively safe, ensuring the safety of our interns is top priority. We provide all our freshly arrived interns with at least two phone numbers that are open for emergency calls 24/7.

Buddy System

A true asset of Mandarinclick’s internship program is the buddy system. We have an extensive network of Chinese students and overseas returnees who enjoy learning about foreign cultures. These students are ready to help new interns explore China, and to assist with practical matters.


The visa is arranged by the receiving company. Mandarinclick will supervise the process of visa-obtainment to ensure a proper procedure.

Language training

As an ambassador of Chinese culture and language, Mandarinclick offers custom-made Mandarin courses for foreign speakers. We integrate Chinese learning methods and teaching resources to effectively meet the needs of people of various age groups, nationalities, language levels, and education backgrounds. Classes are provided in small groups (a maximum of 6 students per class), with abundant time for individual attention. All our teachers are certified, and master both Mandarin and English.

Cultural Training and Volunteering Projects

Every intern is invited to join our cultural activities, free of charge. Among those activities are monthly seminars about China-related topics, networking events, parties, and Chinese corporate training sessions. Additionally, Mandarinclick offers numerous volunteering opportunities in and around China’s big cities. Every intern is welcome to join in!  


The Standard Procedure

1.Get in touch (send an email to to introduce yourself

 and explain what service(s) you are interested in)

2. Assessment interview

3. Payment/contract signing with Mandarinclick (installment of 60%)

4. Company interview(s);

5. University approval;

6. Starting the internship! (payment final 40%)

Our Internship fees flex from 4500 to 6000 RMB depending on the

 interns’ needs. We provide taylor-made services and client satisfaction. 

Tailor-made services and client satisfaction is our top priority.


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