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Seminar on Chinese Visa




Seminar on Chinese Visa
Time: 3pm 2014-1-18
Location: Mandarinclick, Jiahui International Center, Chao Yang Men Wai St.,Beijing
City/Town: Beijing
Language barrier, unclear regulations, extensive bureaucracy; getting lost in the complexity of the legal system to obtain a valid Visa is frequent.
Here at Mandarinclick we have organize a seminar to help you to better understand all the regulations and requirements to obtain a legal working/business permit. Our legal experts and advisors will clarify all your “Hamletic dilemmas”: To get an F visa or not to get, that is the question — Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer.

Several topics will be discussed in this seminar:

Updated guidelines for obtaining a Chinese Visa

Run for the border: How to do the Hong Kong-China Visa Run

How to choose a Visa Agency?

Consequences for illegal residenc

Read all about China’s New Entry-Exit Laws for Foreigners

Can international students work in China?

Change of Views of Chinese society towards foreigners caused by recent incidents

In addition, we will answer your confusions and questions. Also we welcome free talk.

Seminar Target:
Holding a legal Visa is the first requirement to start to work in China, in this seminar you will have not only useful information but also legal advice to how to find the specific solution for your needs. 

Foreigners who want to have a clear idea about the Visa requirements to work, study and live in China
To make reservation, please send email to, 
or call (010) 85728819. You can come to the seminar only with our confirmation.


Mandarinclick holds a seminar on Chinese visa on Jan 18th aiming to help foreigners in china  get a better understanding of the new laws, new regulations and changes of the Chinese visa. Our visa expert introduced the new policies and explained the changes, answered questions and confusions of the participants.

Mandarinclick holds events of various topics and offers personal compass and networking platform for professionals and expats living in China.

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