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Business Chinese courses

Do you want to have an insight look on Chinese economy? Do you want to fluently speak in Chinese with your local customers? Do you want to start your professional career with an internship in China? Do you want to start-up your own business in China? Join us! Here at Mandarinclick (MC) we are able to provide you with the most professional study and services!

Course Objective: Business Chinese course aims to improve oral and written expression ability of foreign people with a specific focus on business terminology. Business Chinese course is tailored for all who have the desire to use Chinese language in a professional working environment. Our courses offer a mix of Chinese language classes, business activities and social networking. In the meantime, our teacher will help you get a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese economy and Chinese job market.

What we offer:

Professional teachers: All our teachers are competent, reliable and with a long experience in teaching Chinese as a foreigner language. In the meantime, some of them are successful entrepreneurs, professional advisors and expert with a different background, they all will be ready to share with you, their vision giving you practical business advises. All our lessons are based on the “full immersion technique” and all our classes are characterized by an explosion mix of professional and fun teaching style.

Well-selected teaching materials: All our lessons are supported by carefully selected teaching materials.

New Silk Road Business Chinese-Elementary + Teaching material by MC

New Silk Road Business Chinese-Intermediate + Teaching material by MC

Advanced Business Chinese + Teaching material by MC

Oriented service: We offer customized solutions for people who are interested in Mandarin Chinese language training. We work closely with each of our student to better understand their specific needs, offering a specially designed customized solution.  The course is always relevant to your particular enterprise or industry, including Industry-specific-Chinese-learning (manufacturing, finance, medicine, education etc.) and Job-specific-Chinese-learning (meetings, negotiation, etiquette etc.)

Before you start the course, you will be given an entrance test, this will give us the possibility to understand how is your Chinese level, offering you the most suitable class. After the course, we will make a test to help you evaluate.

Flexibility and convenience: If you have a busy schedule, and you don’t have time to come to our classes don’t worry we have the perfect solution for You!

Our teachers can come directly to your office, you will have the possibility to easily learn Chinese at any time and whenever you want.

Additional Service:


● Seminars

Economic Situation in Xi-Li Era

Cross-culture Communication regarding to Business

China’s Economic Outlook for 2014

How to Start-up Your Own Business

Effective Business Writing


● PR Events

We will also provide information platforms on business and market conditions, we will organize several events as well to help you to expand your networks. This will be a unique opportunity for you to establish business contacts with potential customers.

● Headhunting


● Networking

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and experts of different industries will be invited to lead seminars and lectures.

All of our students can attend the above activities without any additional fee.

Study flow chart--three steps:

Elementary: 40 teaching hours

Learn about the main topics and basic etiquette during daily life and in the working environment. After the first step, you can get a good knowledge of pronunciation, grammar and basic dialogues, laying a foundation for social networking during business activity.

Intermediate: 60 teaching hours

After Step 2, you will be able to communicate in Chinese, using basic sentence during business activities.  You will also be able to write some business related article in simple words.

Advanced: 50 teaching hours

After Step 3, you will be able to fluently communicate and negotiate in Chinese. Furthermore you can get a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese economy concerning different aspects. In the meantime, your Chinese writing skill will be further enhanced.


I Business Chinese courses (150 teaching hours, including 3 steps, each step is separated)

The needs of our students are our priority and we can specifically tailor all our Business Chinese Courses following our students’ requirements.

Type of Class: Small classes or one-on-one (flexible)

Course Fee: one-on-one

           For Step 1 containing 40 teaching hours----4800 RMB

           For Step 2 containing 60 teaching hours----7200 RMB

           For Step 3 containing 50 teaching hours----6000 RMB


Small class 2-6 persons

           For Step 1 containing 40 teaching hours----3800 RMB

           For Step 2 containing 60 teaching hours----5700 RMB

           For Step 3 containing 50 teaching hours----4800 RMB


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Business Chinese Courses

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China Economic Situation

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