Family Settlement Assistance

Medical Help

Dial 120 for emergency medical service

This guide offers communication help with phrases in Chinese for common medical problems - use your finger to point at the phrase of your own language, and the phrase in Chinese will be next to it. The guide offers a directory and map of hospitals that have been approved for serving the Olympic games. It lists the names and addresses of hospitals and is available in eight languages.

Emergency Telephone
Police: 110

Fire Department: 119

Ambulance: 120

Local Directory assistance: 114

About Exchanging Rate

100USD=617.97 CNY

100EUR=804.57 CNY

100JPY =6.3188 CNY

100HKD=79.652 CNY
100GBP=947.04 CNY

You can find gym around where you live easily. You can choose month card, season card, half-year card and year card. The price year card depends on the conditions of the gym, ranging from 800 yuan to 5000 yuan.


We offer different kinds of courses regarding to language learning, including listening, reading, writing, scenery dialogue. Holding the idea of “edutainment”, we also offer some well-chosen Chinese culture courses, including calligraphy, martial art, Tai chi, typical Chinese food and so on. With intriguing language class and interactive cultural workshop, You can find almost everything here.

International schools

Education With China 's expat population reaching maturity, many schools are entering a period of financial security and consolidation. There is a quite wide choice of international schools and kindergartens, each with its own unique approach to education. Some of the schools offer International Baccalaureate ( Beijing BISS International School, Western Academy of Beijing), General Certificate of Secondary Education, British General Certificate of Secondary Education. Extra-curricular activities include: music, arts, field trips, kung fu, drama, sports and others.. Moreover, there are a few schools provides non-English education (e.g. French, Japanese, Deutsche,etc.). Make your choice according to the location, program, facilities and fees.


Ctiy School of beijing 

87712828 87710770 

Dulwich College Beijing 

Beijing Riviera, 1 Xiang Jiang Bei Lu, Jing Shun Lu, Chao Yang District, Beijing, PRC, 100103

Telephone (8610) 8450 7676 Fax (8610) 8450 7575 

Beijing World Youth Academy

 Add: 40 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District 

Tel: 6461 7787, 6461 6054, 6461 4476 

International School of Beijing-Shunyi 

Add: No. 10 An Hua Street , Shunyi District 

Tel: 8046 2345 Add: 7

 Louzizhuang Lu, Chaoyang District 

Tel: 8439 4315 

Beanstalk International Bilingual School (BIBS) 

Add: No.38 Nanshiliju, Chaoyang District, Beijing 

Tel: 8456 6019, 8456 0853 

Beijing BISS International School 

Add: No.17, Area 4, Anzhen Xi Li (off North 3rd Ring Road), Chaoyang District 

Tel: 6443 3151 

Beijing Zhongguanchun International School

Add: Building14, Taiyangyuan, Dazhongsi, Haidian District 

Tel: 8213 9966 

International Academy of Beijing (IAB) 

Add: Office Tower 3, Lido Place , Jichang Rd , Jiangtai Rd , Chaoyang District

Tel: 6430 1600 

The British School of Beijing 

Add: 5 No. 6 West Street , Sanlitun Road 

Tel: 8532 3088

International Montessori School of Beijing

Add: No.1 Xiangjiang Bei Lu, Jingshun Lu, Chaoyang Ditrict 

Tel: 8450 7676 

New School of Collaborative Learning (NSCL)

Add: Anningzhuang, Haidian District 

Tel: 6298 5758

NIT International School-Beijing 

Add: Louzizhuang Road , Chaoyang District 

Tel: 8439 2288 

Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS) 

Add: Honglingjin Park East Gate, 5 Houbalizhuang, Chaoyang District 

Tel: 8583 3731 

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