Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Mandarinclick’s job/internship service?


The first step would be to get in touch with our staff by sending an email to, explaining what kind of position you would like to obtain. You will receive a swift reply from one of Mandarinclick’s consultants with additional information about Mandarinclick’s terms and conditions, and a request for an interview, face to face in our Beijing office, or on Skype (id: mandarinclick). As soon as we know your job/internship preferences, we will offer a range of job/internship openings.  If you have any questions about the application process after reading these FAQs, please visit us using the email address mentioned above.

How do I apply for Mandarinclick’s Language Course?

For information, course types and course fees, please click on “Language and Cultural Courses” on top of this page.


Is there a way in which I can combine a job/internship with a language course in Beijing?


Yes, Mandarinclick offers flexible and financially attractive language courses on any level, that can be combined with your work. Check our ‘Language and Cultural Courses’ for more details. Language courses can also be applied for if the participant does not make use of Mandarinclick’s job/internship service.


What is the fee for Mandarinclick’s career services?


The price depends on what services you want from Mandarinclick: do you want a language course, a job or an internship? What would be the duration of your internship? Do you want a language course included in your job/internship package? For your exact price: please send an email to We will send you a price list and explain exactly how much you pay for each service.


In what fields does Mandarinclick offer jobs and internships?


Mandarinclick has connections in virtually any industry: hospitality, tourism, aviation, fashion, food and beverage, consultancy, energy, sustainability, education, investment, sourcing, real estate, engineering, automobile, information technology, NGOs, pharmaceutics, etc. You can be placed according to your preferences and background. 


Is there a chance that I obtain a full-time position in the internship company Mandarinclick places me?


If you have the wish to obtain a permanent job position after the internship, Mandarinclick can arrange this for you. We will tell our connections that you are looking for an employment opportunity after your internship. As a result, the companies will view your internship as a probation period. Then, the success rate of obtaining a job offer is quite high.


Where does Mandarinclick provide internships and jobs?


Mandarinclick provides internships throughout the entire China mainland and Hong Kong.


Are all internship positions of Mandarinclick salary-based?


By far, most of our connections offer an internship allowance, salary or bonus. Naturally, the amount of payment depends on the field of work, your qualifications, etc.


Will Mandarinclick arrange visa issues?


Yes, Mandarinclick can provide you with consultancy surrounding the visa. For exact visa information, please send an email to, or surf to www.visaforchina .org.


Will I have contact persons whom I can call in case of a problem/emergency?


Mandarinclick will make sure that clients can reach out to our staff at any time. We have an international staff that will be glad to help you with big and small issues that you might encounter. Additionally, we organize networking events and cultural seminars that can be attended for free. During these activities, one can make friends easily (both Chinese and Western).


Will Mandarinclick arrange my housing?


Yes, housing service is included in Mandarinclick’s internship/job package. You can tell us your budget, then we can mediate between you and the ‘landlords’ in our network. You can either live in a student room or an apartment.


How long does the placement process take?

On average, it takes no more than three weeks. Naturally, it depends on how well your internship/job interviews go. In most cases, the first or the second interview is already successful. 

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