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[Potential Students]

Potential students are those who have learned more than 2500 Chinese words and basic grammar with basic listening and speaking skills.


[Course Content]

Each class will have a TOPIC concerning current affairs and hot issues. According to students’ different cultural background and personal needs, we’ll make designated learning plan for them. The course consists of both one-on-one and a 3-to-5-students class. The emphasis is on listening and speaking. With clear emphasis, highly practical courses and intensive teaching, learners will an all-sided progress on their Chinese. They’ll experience a process from daily communication to mastery of Chinese. The course adopts interactive teaching method. After finishing it, learners will be at ease to use Chinese both in daily life and various tests.


We focus on colloquial words, grammar level 3 and 4, and basic Chinese paragraph reading. The topics involve life, study, work and social culture. 

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