Volunteer Program in China


Located in the subtropical ocean and the southeast of China, Taiwan offers tourists comfortable weather and has no winter all the year round. Lying like a spindle, Taiwan is the largest island of China. Taiwan is neighbored by Japan in the north and Philippines in the south. Unsurprisingly, the island has become a hub for travel between places in Asia and is one of the tourist destinations
The island has another Portuguese name, Formosa, which means 'beautiful island'. With the pleasant climate, Taiwan can sustain vast biology resources. It is worth to visit Taiwan for its natural sights, such as the high and steep mountains and the dense atmosphere of seashore holidays. In addition, Taiwan has many wonderful man-made tourist recourses, such as the named Matsu Temple and Taipei National Palace Museum. 
Tourists should take special care not to miss the dainty dishes here – in fact, Taiwan is dubbed the “Kingdom of Delicacies” by gourmets.
Concurrently home to different groups mainly from the southern Fujian Province, Hakka and the local people, Taiwan also features various colorful human cultures. You will detect the harmonious and prosperous atmosphere in Taiwan’s religion, architecture, languages and dining.

Ali Mountain
Taiwan is a rare tropical mountain-island in the world, two thirds of which is covered with high mountain ranges. The most famous of the mountains, Ali Mountain, is the symbol of Charming Taiwan. Ali Mountain stretches from Nantou to Jiayi in two counties. There are connected mountain peaks low and high, streams and ponds. Vertical and horizontal in the area, which have not only utter danger of sheer precipices and overhanging rocks, but also the elegance of flying waterfall in deep valleys. The highest peak is 2663 meters above sea level. The mountain is well known to the whole world for its four beautiful scenes of mystical tree, oriental cherry, a sea of clouds and sunrise, thus goes the saying; "Those who haven't been to Alishan can not know the beauty of Taiwan."

Sun and Moon Pool in Taiwan
Surrounded by green mountains, Sun Moon Lake is the pearl of Central Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural lake in Taiwan. The Eastern part of the lake is round like the sun, while the Western part is shaped like a crescent moon - hence the name "Sun Moon Lake". The Sun Moon Lake in the mountains of central Taiwan is a truly delightful place for rest and relaxation. Also it is a favorite honeymoon spot. The poetically named lake, situated at an elevation of 2,500 feet, is a year-round resort with many beautiful surroundings. The lake is a good base for hiking, also for visiting the highest pagoda and the biggest temple in Taiwan, an aborigine settlement and other places of interest.

Taipei is the special municipality and seat of government of the Republic of China. Taipei is the commercial, financial, industrial, and transportation centre of Taiwan, which is marked by the Taipei 101 Building. It’s a bustling metropolis with interesting things to do and places to see. National Palace museum is a must see, where you can see a large collection of Chinese historical artifacts. You also cannot miss all kinds of traditional and special food, especially dishes in night market.