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Gansu is located in the north of China and at the heart of the Silk Road. It’s elongated shape is accounted by the Hexu Corridor, a thousand kilometer mountain pass. The province is widely barren and only small oasis towns provided the Silk Road with it’s much-needed lifeline through the desert.

Gansu old is Yongzhou, the provincial capital Lanzhou. Is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, located in the geographical center of China, between latitude 32 ° 31 '~ 42 ° 57', longitude 92 ° 13 '~ 108 ° 46' between. It is the east, Shaanxi, south-controlled Bashu Qinghai, Xinjiang, western leaning, north brief Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, the keys of the ancient Silk Road, the land and gold section of the border with Mongolia, it was like an elegant jewelry and mosaics in central China The Loess Plateau, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Inner Mongolia plateau from east to west winds more than 1,600 kilometers, vertical and horizontal 453.7 thousand square kilometers, accounting for 4.72% of the total area. Population 26 million (in 1949 9.68 million people) are Han, Hui, Tibetan, Dongxiang, Yugur, Baoan, Mongolian, Kazak, Tu, Salar, Manchu ethnic groups.
Gansu began in the 11th century one, is to take Ganzhou (present Zhangye), Suzhou (present Jiuquan) in the first two characters made. As the Western Xia in its territory split 12 jianjun Division, Gansu, for one, is located in Gansu Province in the Yuan Dynasty, known Gan; compounded throughout most of the Gansu Province, Shan (Liupanshan) west of the Tang Dynasty was in this setting too Longyou Road, it is also referred to as Gansu.

The Jiayuguan Pass 

The Jiayuguan Pass is the largest entrance to the Great Wall of China. The Jiayuguan Pass was built during the Early Ming Dynasty around 1370AD. 

The Mogao Grottoes of Lo-Tsun

A monk by the name of Lo-Tsun came near the Echoing Sand Mountain. One day he had a vision with golden rays of light that shined on him and that looked like a thousand Buddhas. The monk in the year of 336AD started the carving of this grotto. 

The ancient Silk Road of China

The ancient Silk Road of China started in the province of Gansu and ended in Constantinople. The Silk Road was the only way for merchants to travel from the East to the West world. Merchants would get fresh supply and travel across the Taklamakan Desert. 

Bingling Temple

The Bingling Temple which are also known locally as the Grottoes is a complex of caves at the Yellow River. The large Maitreya Buddha is more than 25 meters tall and the only way to access the Bingling Temple is by boat from Yongjing during the summer months. 

The Labrang Tibetan Monastery

The Labrang Tibetan Monastery is one of the main monasteries of the Tibetan tradition. The Labrang Tibetan Monastery is located in the Prefecture Autonomous Region of Gannan in the Xiahe County in the south of Gansu Province.