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What to eat in China? Chinese food culture




Food plays an important role in Chinese tradition. We can easily say that Chinese culture is food oriented; the most common example is the greeting used among Chinese people when they encounter: (Have you eaten?). From this simple question in fact we can see that food is not only about “feeding” but it’s a part of more elaborated culture.

On the other hand there are many differences between Western and Chinese food traditions and etiquette. A classical example could be the different tableware fork and knife in one side and spoon and chopstick in the other; as remarked by the French literary critic R. Barthes, unlike fork and knife, chopstick are not used to cut, poke or stab food. Therefore “food is no longer the prey suffering the human beings’ violence but turn out to be the substance passed harmoniously through them”. In this sense, chopsticks are the gentle connection between man and food, reflecting relationship between human and nature.

In our seminar all the aspects of Chinese food culture will be analyzed, showing the difference between Western and Chinese etiquette and traditions. Join our mouth-watering journey from the spicy Sichuan style to the more exotic Hainan flavor to let you discover the greatness of Chinese food.      

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